Turn Inspiration Into Action


How do you get inspired?

We all have different ways of doing it. Some like to watch videos, some have their favorite Instagram account, and others might have that song or podcast that gets them ready to take action.

The problem is that getting inspired with new ideas means nothing unless you take action, and that is where most people struggle. So how do you do it? How do you take all those great ideas and inspiration and turn them into something tangible?

1. Come in with a new attitude

The first hurdle almost everyone has to get over is themselves. We do this to ourselves all the time. We get an awesome idea that we think will work and are excited about, but then doubt creeps in. Can this actually be done? Is it going to be too much work? What if this doesn’t work?

When you are inspired to act, you need to come in with the mentality that this will work, sometimes ignoring the signs and trusting your gut that it is going to be the right things to do.

2. Start with the ultimate goal

Now that you are fired up and have the right attitude, it is time to start with the goal. What do you ultimately want to accomplish? Do you want revenue? Brand recognition? Adoption of a new process? Whatever it is, think about it and write it down and focus everything you do towards hitting that goal. Having a clear objective will help you stay focused and keep pushing forward even when things seem to get a little tough.

3. Map it out the old-fashioned way

That’s right, get out a pen and paper and write out your plan. Map out the steps you need to take, the timeline in which they need to be accomplished, any problems that you can foresee arising at different parts of the process and how you will respond to them, and any other details that you want to remind yourself of later. This process is incredibly important so you can have a clear vision of what is to come. Is it going to turn out exactly as you planned? I think you and I both know that there isn’t a chance, but coming in with a plan of how you are going to execute will help you stay the course.

4. Just… do it

Alright, you made it this far… Now it is time to just… do it! After all, you went through you think that this would be the easy part, but it’s not. Despite all the planning and excitement in the world, the first step is always the most difficult one and most will never actually begin to take action. But not you! Once you take that jump everything should begin to fall into place. Like we talked about earlier, things likely won’t go according to plan, but you already planned for that when you wrote down the step you were going to take. Continue to put your foot on the gas and press forward no matter how hard things are going to get.

Getting inspired is easy, the actual execution is the hard part. Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to take that next idea of yours and make it a reality and continue to move your company or team forward.

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