Why Sense of Purpose is Important in Your Career

“What’s your secret to a longer life?”

This is the first question most people who live to be 100 are asked, and it is often met with some funny responses.


“A Glass of wine per day”

“Never believe you are getting old”

“A good cigar”

“Minding your own dang business”


Some of these are yet to be fully proven… So I think we can leave the cigars and wine for another day!

A recent study of centenarians (those who live to be 100) showed that there is actually a secret to living a longer life, and it has everything to do with mindset.

The study revealed that there are 4 key factors to living a much longer life:


Ability to handle loss or crisis



Passionate engagement


Now you might be saying to yourself, “That’s great and all, but what does living longer have to do with my career and leadership?”

You see, ⅓ of your life is spent at work, The average person is going to work 90,000 hours in their lifetime, and 80% of us are dissatisfied with our jobs…

In other words, your job and career have a pretty significant impact on your life overall.

Now am I saying that you need to be completely passionate about your job all the time and have to love every second? Of course not. We are all human, but applying the 4 factors above to your work life, will help make you a more productive, happier, and healthier person.


Ability to handle loss or crisis

How do you handle stress at work? Do you find yourself upset at things that in the big picture don’t really matter? How do you handle feedback?



Do you assume things won’t work before they even start? When something goes wrong, how do you respond?



Do you like what you do for a living? If not, does what you do allow you to pursue your other passions in life? How is your Work/Life Balance?


Passionate engagement

How do you share your passion with others? Do you share your passions with your coworkers? Would you consider your coworkers to be friends? What happens when you share what you are passionate about?


I don’t know about you, but living a long and healthy life sounds pretty dang good. While you might not think about how you approach work every single day matters to accomplish that goal, it is probably more important than anything else. So I encourage you to approach work every day with the goal of living as long as possible.

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