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Through a lifetime of change, challenges, opportunities, and lessons, Wertz Consulting has several keynote topics to inspire, motivate and shift the mindset of your team and your company.

Finding clarity in the midst of chaos: Building a culture of resilience

Are you a victim of a miserable environment? Does everything around you continue to spin and change, yet everything still seems the same? Learn what it takes to act like an owner, take accountability for your job, and find happiness and purpose in your work.

Get a Seat at the Table: The Trusted Advisor

What sets you apart from the rest? The client experience. Build an organization filled with trusted advisors who communicate, engage, collaborate, make smart decisions, act accountable, see the big picture and raise the bar. Building an organization filled with trusted advisors creates an exceptional client experience, drives business results, and improves employee engagement.

Surviving the Generation Jungle

Baby boomers complain that millenials don’t have the same work ethic as they do. Millenials say that the older generations just don’t get it. This attention-grabbing session will shift your perception, challenge your biases and give you new insight into the generation jungle in your workplace. Millenials are now the largest labor force, surpassing Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Chronic Courage

Look around you… There are people you know. People who appear to take responsibility for their course in life. They are motivated, positive, resilient, driven, engaged, connected. You admire these people, or perhaps resent them. What is their secret? Then there are others… Overwhelmed, burdened, frustrated, angry, pessimistic, complaining, hopeless, bitter, blaming, judgmental. Challenge yourself and your team to explore your mindset elements and move into the future with courage and improved perspective.

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