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Wertz Consulting believes that organizations need to invest in productivity and growth. We have a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt on staff and have developed a robust process evaluation that will ensure that your organization doesn’t get lost in a constantly moving world. We will guide you through fun, engaging activities to eliminate overhead, unnecessary work and extra costs all while continuing to deliver quality and improve the customer experience. We lead experiences that teach your people to be fluid, responsive to change and able to embrace experimentation and and innovation.

Rube Goldberg Machine - Wertz Consulting Process Evaluation

How fun is a 6th-grade science fair! One of the most commonly built projects are Rube Goldberg machines, a very complicated machine built to perform a simple task. The catch? The machines can only complete the simple task if each element in the process works perfectly and at the right time. Many businesses function this same way, which makes close examination of the process critical to success.

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