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Whether your group is cross-functional or core, aligning people and their needs is crucial. Difficult questions and conflict can often be hard to address. An external facilitator provides an independent perspective that assures a fair and honest environment. A neutral facilitator inspires safe participation. Wertz consulting has professional facilitators to help your group connect through fun, interactive activities that will help create a deeper understanding at an individual level, camaraderie at a group level and build a strong foundation of trust for the group to move forward.


  • Professional Facilitation
  • Retreats
  • Team Workshops
  • Strategic Planning & Team Development
Group Alignment Consulting - Wertz Consulting in Milwaukee, WI

Aligning people through professional facilitation. Think road trip, think possible destinations, where are we going? The Grand Canyon or Daytona Beach? While everyone in the group has different objectives, competing priorities and responsibilities, there is a common goal in mind. Building trust, aligning priorities and goals, establishing values and ground rules, and helping everyone stay focused on the destination is critical to success. We will help your group reach your end goal and work better together by keeping everyone engaged, energized…and ultimately aligned.

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