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Wertz Consulting understands that in order to change a culture you have to work directly with the people. We can help cultivate your company’s culture through evaluation and development of a custom approach based on the specific needs of your company. Companies experiencing mergers, acquisitions or ownership transition are prime candidates for cultural assessments. Culture shift will happen whether it’s intentional or not. Why not invest in your future so you can achieve the future you desire? We believe that everyone wants to be part of something great. Let Wertz Consulting help you decode your culture and elevate your company’s performance.

We assess the intangibles – values, leadership styles, conflict and communication styles, how business gets done – to determine cultural considerations that will impact future organic growth, mergers or acquisitions.

Business Cultural Assessment - Wertz Consulting in Milwaukee, WI

Doctors recommend we have an annual check-up. It is a way to get a complete work up of all of our vitals and determine what needs extra attention. The doctor looks to see if anything we have been working on since last year is getting better, make sure all of our good levels are still good and if anything new has come up. Performing a cultural assessment looks for the same kind of things – essentially, what is working and what isn’t within your organization.

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