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Everyone wants to be part of something great. Wertz Consulting is a boutique consulting firm whose mission is to share powerful and innovative insights to help clients make their organizations successful.

People. Change. Results. People change results. Results change people. We identify barriers, find hidden problems, facilitate solutions and strengthen the leaders of your company.

The needs of the client come first.

Building strong leaders, assessing employee talents and generating results-driven outcomes are just a few of the services Wertz Consulting has to offer. We believe that everyone wants to be part of something great, and that includes a strong understanding of your people, the changes they experience and the results their work provides to your company and customers.

  • Misalignment among executive leadership as to corporate direction.
  • Poor or nonexistent communication between business functions.
  • An ineffective person in a key position is being avoided.
  • Organizational structure limits agility.​​

We strive to create unforgettable experiences, to deliver content that comes to life for participants and to fundamentally shift the way people approach their work, their lives, and their contributions to the lives of others.  We turn complex issues into simple plans that allow individuals, teams and organizations to move in the right direction with energy and purpose.  Specialties include leadership transformation, process improvement, and organizational change.

Servant Leadership – We are here to serve you!
Connect – Relationships are essential to a healthy, full life.
Learn – Continue to learn and discover.
Grow – Commit to personal growth.
Code of Conduct – Honesty, integrity, confidentiality, credibility.
Attitude – Professional, inspiring, insightful, adaptable, results oriented, energetic.


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